• There are copies and then there are copies; some are terrible and you can spot them at first glance, but there are others which are a ‘different kettle of fish’ all together. They may look just like our genuine article; they may have what appear to be the same swing tags, hang tags, size and style stickers and even the same Microwobbleboard™ button in the sole, but what they won't have is our patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ nor Biomimetix™ technology in the sole.

      In the short term, they may cost you nearly the same amount as the genuine article or at best a fraction less, but in the long term, they could cost you dear. At FitFlop we continually monitor our quality and test our products. Counterfeiters don't.

      Counterfeit FitFlop shoes may look like the real thing, with what appear to be genuine tags, stickers and even a ‘Microwobbleboard‘ button in the sole. But - and it´s a big but - they won´t have our world-class patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ nor Biomimetix™ midsole technology.

      If an offer seems too good to be true, don´t buy. Stay safe by buying only from authorized FitFlop retailers.

      Counterfeit or fake goods go hand-in-hand with criminality, bad quality, credit card fraud and identity theft. So when shopping it´s important to bear in mind the following:

      • We do not authorise our retailers to sell on eBay. Therefore, any eBay seller with more than 1 or 2 pairs of FitFlop footwear for sale may well be selling unauthorised or counterfeit FitFlop footwear.
      • Fake FitFlop footwear could be dangerous. You can bet your bottom dollar the manufacturer of a fake product hasn't put their footwear through the same rigorous tests we do at FitFlop to ensure they are safe.
      • Making a purchase through an unauthorised website or retailer can put you at risk of credit card fraud and identity theft. And, you may never receive your 'paid up front for' purchase.

      And, don't you want the real thing on your feet? Fake and counterfeit FitFlop footwear probably won't stand the test of time. Added to which you won't be able to return fakes to our lovely Customer Services Team and get their usual exemplary level of service and generally sympathetic view. Instead, they will be taken out to the FitFlop HQ car park and 'disposed' of.

      It's sometimes hard to tell the difference between genuine FitFlop footwear versus fakes and rip-offs.


      They may look just like the genuine article, but FitFlop fakes don’t have our patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ midsole. In fact, poor quality construction and lack of tested technology mean fake or counterfeit FitFlop™ products could even cause you health problems.

      What is FitFlop doing about this problem?

      FitFlop invests significantly to protect its intellectual property rights and works hard to prevent the sale of counterfeit FitFlop products. Some of the consequences of dealing with fake products include prosecution, fines, product confiscation and in some cases imprisonment.

      If you have bought fake FitFlop footwear, we advise that you do not wear them or knowingly sell them to anyone else. If someone suffers injury as a result of wearing fake FitFlop product which you have sold or given to them, you may be liable.

      We take your safety and security very seriously at FitFlop and it is our policy to investigate all leads passed to us about fake products and wherever possible to take action directly ourselves or with the assistance of the Police, Customs and Trading Standards or direct court action.

      How can I be sure that I'm buying a genuine FitFlop product?

      FitFlop advises that you only buy FitFlop product from approved stockists. That way you can be sure you have the genuine article. Here are our recommendations for what to look out for and where we recommend you buy from:

      • From FitFlop approved retailers. Find your nearest retailer here
      • Our website
      • FitFlop approved online retailers. Make sure the website you're buying from is a genuine FitFlop partner.

      Beware of some online search engine keywords and domain names and URL's which contain keywords like: cheap FitFlops, discount FitFlops, FitFlops clearance, FitFlop sandal sale, FitFlop sale, fake FitFlops and so on. ONLY official retailers of genuine FitFlop product can use the term FitFlop in their keywords. There are very few official websites which are authorised to use the term FitFlop in their URL's, and most link back to The few exceptions are:, and

      Be cautious when you are purchasing; if an offer seems to good to be true it probably is and you don't want to be giving out your details to criminals. It is not advisable to buy FitFlop products from markets or car boot sales as they are frequently found to be fake. If you are in doubt don't buy.

      How can I tell if my FitFlop product is genuine?

      If you have purchased your FitFlop product from any one of our approved retailers or websites then you can be sure you have the genuine article. If you do have any problems please contact us at the following email address:

      I'm concerned that my FitFlop product may be fake

      If you have already purchased what you believe to be a FitFlop product and are now concerned that it may be fake, the first thing you should do is check our list of approved retailers, to see if the website or retailer you bought your FitFlop product from is an official stockist. If you have any problems please contact us at the following email address:

      What can I do to try and avoid buying fake FitFlop product online?

      We advise that when shopping online you follow these simple guidelines, and remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, so don't buy.

      • Look for clear signs that you are buying from a reputable company:
      • Does the website look secure?
      • Do they have clear privacy and returns policies?
      • Do some detective work - call them, search online to see if other customers have left reviews or comments about the company.
      • Ultimately, trust your common sense; if you are in any doubt, don't buy. We recommend you only buy genuine FitFlop product from approved stockists.

      I've seen FitFlop adverts on Google, are they all genuine?

      Some of the adverts that appear on Google are authentic and genuine stockists of FitFlop product. Some may be websites selling fake FitFlop product.

      I am thinking of buying my FitFlop product from eBay, how can I tell if it is genuine?

      We do not authorise any of our retailers to sell our genuine FitFlop product on eBay. There may be the occasional FitFlop product customer selling off their unwanted FitFlop footwear on eBay but they will in all probability have only one or at most 2 pairs for sale. The same goes for other auction sites such as Ebid, Cqout and Gumtree.

      Sellers on these websites who are offering to sell fake goods will try to deceive you. Statements in the seller's auction of 'genuine product', 'holograms and security seals' do not guarantee the authenticity of the item.

      Before you start, understand the auction process, the site rules and the auction company's own safety advice.

      Ask the seller questions to make sure they respond, call them up and check previous buyer's feedback - trust your instincts.

      Don't give away your password or personal details.

      Choose a safe way to pay, e.g Paypal.

      Be cautious when you are purchasing; if an offer seems too good to be true it probably is. If you are in any doubt don't buy.

      I bought my FitFlop footwear on eBay and they appear fake. What should I do?

      We advise that you stop wearing your fake FitFlop product as soon as possible, wearing them could be dangerous, and don't knowingly sell them on to anyone else. If someone is hurt as a result of wearing fake FitFlop product which you sold or gave to them, you may be liable.

      Contact the seller without delay for a refund. Remember, it is illegal to sell fake products and we advise that you don't re-sell your fake FitFlop product.

      Notify eBay about the seller's auction. Please refer to eBay's policies and guidelines (Note: you will be leaving the security of your chosen official FitFlop product retailer website once you link to eBay).

      If you paid via PayPal, see whether they can help you get your money back. Please refer to PayPal's policies and guidelines. (Note: you will be leaving the security of your chosen official FitFlop product retailer website once you link to eBay).

      Contact your local trading standards office with full details of your transaction including copies of receipts confirming payment to the seller. and ROI:

      Please notify us so that we can take action against the seller. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate purchasers of fake goods.

      Still have a question? We´d be happy to help.